Tropical North Australia 1980

Seth Kelly is the nicest bad guy around. Dope grower, bouncer and party animal – he’s got a smile as big as his rep. Returning to his hometown Cairns, he finds that new players – Sydney criminals, the Mafia and the most corrupt police force in the country – are changing all the rules.

When a teenage runaway, a marijuana kingpin and a wealthy guru enter his life, Seth realises that everything he knew is now out of date. He’s a tough bastard but the automatic weapons, vulnerable young women, kung-fu kicks, and freaky spirituality are starting to get to him.

All he wants is that one big score, a chance to rekindle the best relationship of his life, and to keep the darkest memory from his past right out of his head.


Trouble is, what’s really got Seth running         . . . is himself.

The Colour of Shadows is the first book in a trilogy set in the wild, beautiful world of Far North Queensland, Australia in the 1970s and 1980s. If you like your noir drenched in sunshine and with more than a little heart and soul – then this white-knuckle thrill ride is for you.

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The Colour of Shadows is out now and available as an eBook and as a paperback from Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and other major online booksellers. For signed copies from the author, at AU$35.00 with postage, and for all other inquiries, please write to [email protected]

About the Author

After a South Pacific childhood, Gawain Barker spent the next 30 years cooking around the world – especially in Far North Queensland. From TV chefs like Rick Stein and Ainsley Harriott, to techno ravers and bare-foot hippies, he has worked with the biggest cast of kitchen characters imaginable. His culinary autobiography – 200 Kitchens: Confessions of a Nomad Chef – tells this unique, and very funny, story. For more about the book and where to buy it.

Now retired from the kitchen, Gawain is writing full-time, focused on his retro crime thriller trilogy which explores the rough-as-guts social mores, endemic corruption and absolute personal freedoms of the era.Through extensive research, much personal experience and many interviews with old-school personalities, he is recreating an untold time and place; a place filled with epic natural beauty, extreme conditions and some very dangerous people.






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